Invitation to participate in the tender for  procurement

1. To meet the needs of Rogun HPP, we invite legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (service provider) to participate in an open tender for state procurement with unlimited participation and the right to conclude a contract for 2019 to perform cumulative (defined) construction works on separate lots.

List of Works Work Scope
1. Specific work on individual lots Work scope on separate lots

2. A detailed description and conditions of the Contract, as well as tender procedures are indicated in tender documents that must be presented to any interested individual after paying the non-refundable amount of tender documentation to the Rogun HPS Fund (documentation costs 270 somoni for each separatel lot) in written form upon written request to the following address: Dushanbe, Tehron-1 str., the building of the National Library in the following order:

3. To participate in the tender, it is necessary to submit an application for participation in advance. Filed applications that comply with the procedure of tender documentations must be submitted to the organizer of the competition no later than 14:00 by July 23, 2019.

Date and time of opening of applications: July 23, 2019 at the address Rogun, Sohtmonchiyon-40 at 14:00 in the meeting hall.

4. For additional information regarding the conditions of the competition, contact the following address: Dushanbe City, Tehron St. 1 (National Library Building).

Responsible person – Sharipov Farrukh Zaripovich. Tel; 989990082; e-mail: