Invitation to participate in the competition

1.To meet the needs of Rogun HPP, we invite legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (service provider) to participate in an open tender with unlimited participation and the right to enter into an Agreement for the provision of construction services for the separate lots…

Name of works Volume of work
1. Complex of construction work on separate lots Volumes of work on separate lots

1.Detailed description and terms of the Contract, as well as tender procedures are indicated in the tender documents, which must be submitted to any Contractor in a written form with a written request at the address Dushanbe, Tehron-1, National Library in the following order:

After paying the irretrievable amount of the competition documentation to the Rogun Hydropower Plant Fund (the document costs 270 somoni)

1.To participate in the tender, it is necessary to submit an application in advance. Applications submitted in accordance with the Tender documents procedure must be submitted to the organizer of the contest no later than 10:00 until March 1, 2019.

Date and time of applications opening: March 1, 2019 with the address of: 40 Sokhtmonchiyon street, Rogun town at 10:00 in the conference hall.

Competent representatives of applicants have the right to participate during the opening of envelopes.

4.For more information contact the following address: 1 Tehron street ( National Library building).

Responsible person: Sharipov Farrukh Zaripovich. Tel: 989990082; e-mail: