for competitive selection of an auditing company for OJSC “Rogun HPP”

  The Open Joint Stock Company “Rogun HPP” invites experienced auditing companies to participate in the competitive selection for the auditing reports on the financial performance of the Company for the period 2017. The selection of the auditing company will be conducted in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan. The audit company will be selected in accordance with the “Selection by quality and cost” methods.

The main purpose of the auditing is to express the auditor’s professional opinion on accounting, the Company’s financial reporting and must be performed in accordance with the international financial reporting and auditing standards recognized in the Republic of Tajikistan.

From April 10, 2017, interested auditing companies may receive an Invitation to submitting proposals (ISP) for participation in an open competitive selection at 735417, c. Rogun, str. Sokhtmonchiyon-40, telephone: 8-(3134) 21-8-56, fax: 8-(3134) 22-4-35, E-mail: or 734024, Dushanbe, str. Tehron-1 (the first floor of the National Library building of Tajikistan), the office of the OJSC “Rogun HPP”.

Auditing companies must simultaneously submit their financial and technical proposals in accordance with the requirements of the ISP not later than May 2, 2017 until 17:00 to the address indicated above. Financial proposals must be submitted separately in a sealed envelope.

Date, time and place of opening of technical proposals: May 3, 2017 at 14:00, Rogun city, str. Sokhtmonchiyon-40.

Additional information is available by phone 98-999-04-77, or in above coordinates.